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Mark Ovenden: The sanserif sea and the letter “g”.

Thu 8 September 2016
7:30 am
- 9:00 pm


Johnston and Gill’s development of the alphabet for Frank Pick’s London Underground (and Gill’s own later typeface) did not get designed in a vacuum: the early 1900s were awash with sanserifs. The railways were festooned with clunky sanserif signs, the majority of them hand-painted. Why did Pick want something new and different – and how did Johnston arrive at his idiosyncratic letter shapes that have stood the test of a century so well? Transport design historian Mark Ovenden’s new book “Johnston & Gill by Design-two types that shaped modern Britain”, is published autumn 2016.

Doors 7pm, lecture starts 7.30pm

Cost includes a glass of wine & entrance to the museum.

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