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Indigo Dyeing and Weaving

with Poppy Fuller Abbott

Sat 3 February @ 10:30 am - Sun 4 February @ 4:00 pm


About the Workshop

Hilary Bourne was inspired to learn weaving after seeing indigo dyeing and cotton weaving in Palestine and first set up a studio in Jerusalem.

This workshop offers the opportunity to learn this traditional skill under the expert tutelage of Poppy Fuller Abbott, a contemporary weaver and TOAST New Maker whose work appears in Double Weave: Bourne and Allen’s Modernist Textiles.

The workshop will take place over two days. The first day will involve indigo dyeing which will then be woven on the second day of the workshop.

The first day will offer an introduction to dyeing. You will learn the basics of plant dye extraction using native plants, as well as a natural indigo vat. In this first session Poppy will teach different resist techniques inspired by ikat and kasuri. You will create a series of samples which you may then use for the second day of the workshop.

The second day will focus on the basics of weaving on a frame loom. Poppy will teach you how to set up the loom and teach simple weaving techniques to give varied effects. Once you are confident weaving, you will create a sample piece using your naturally dyed yarns from the first day.

This workshop is inspired by research into the life of Hilary Bourne, one of the founders of Ditchling Museum. Hilary established her first weaving studio in Jerusalem and continued to run a successful weaving business later in the UK. She was heavily influence by travel and took inspiration from ikat weaving she saw in Japan.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore the exhibition over the course of the weekend.

About the Artist

Poppy Fuller Abbott is a textile artist  from Sussex.  Poppy studied Textile Design in London, where she specialised in weaving at Central Saint Martins. After graduating, she began studying natural dyes, and received the Clothworkers Award at Cockpit Arts, where she had a studio for 2 years. Poppy recently graduated from a Masters in Craft at Brighton University and is one of the Toast New Makers for 2023. Her practice, POP Studio, is based at Studio50 in Hove.

Sustainable materials are an integral part of Poppy’s process; she works intuitively with plant dyes and natural fibres, some of which she grows locally or are foraged. Poppy explores the dialogue between her fluid approach to dying, and the measured, linear process of weaving.

Poppy is inspired by folk customs and how we relate to ritual in our current world. Traces, memories and narratives inspire her to reflect on the past, and our daily lives and surroundings. Inspired by a trip to Japan and the notion of ikebana and the tea ceremony, Poppy creates work with the intention of bringing exquisite beauty and meaning to everyday moments.

Accompanying the exhibition, Double Weave: Bourne and Allen’s Modernist Textiles.

Image credit: TOAST & Suzie Howell

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