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Furoshiki Christmas Wrapping and Natural Ribbon Dyeing

with Fiona Eastwood

Sat 9 December 2023
10:30 am
- 1:30 pm


About the Workshop

In this workshop, you will use natural dyes to shibori dye recycled cotton fabric in an indigo vat to create beautiful fabric for furoshiki, the Japanese art of wrapping gifts. The fabric can be reused many times.

Furoshiki translates to “bath (furo) spread (shiki),” and was first used in the Nara period (710–794) as a means to protect valuable goods.

The Japanese art of doling fabric to transport and wrap items has evolved into a popular practice in cultures around the world as a versatile, environmentally friendly way to carry bottles, food, and everyday necessities. It has also become a modern alternative to Christmas gift-wrapping.

About the Artist

Fiona Eastwood is a textile artist who is involved in managing Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft’s Dye Garden. She loves to explore the colour potential of plants she has grown and foraged to use in her work.

She is fascinated by the range of colours achievable and using modifiers to produce yet more variations of tone and colour. When using natural dyes to make her woven textile work, she feels a strong connection with the colour choices as she has been part of the process of creating the colour from the beginning.

Fiona uses her indigo plants to make vats for shibori or resist dyeing using a range of techniques to create patterns on fabric.

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