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Experimental Slow Stitch Inspired by the Dye Garden

with Sarah Pain

Sun 8 October 2023
10:30 am
- 4:30 pm


About the Workshop

An experimental, slow stitch workshop using the natural forms within the museum’s Dye Garden, the South Downs National Park and textiles in Double Weave as inspiration.

Slow stitching is a mindful needlework process, it’s a chance to doodle with threads and experiment with patterns and textures. It offers a unique opportunity to slow down, relax and not worry about creating a product, but enjoying a mindful needlework process that focuses on intention and the joy brought from the process.

It isn’t about being perfect, or even making a cohesive final piece (although many pieces do turn out beautifully!) – the intention is to enjoy the process one stitch at a time, to relax, and to not stress about all the things you might worry about if you were trying to create a perfect finished project.

The slow stitch movement was originally created by Mark Lipinksi, a well-known figure in the quilting industry. After some health issues he realised the need for slowing down – and the many benefits that can come from a mindful stitching practice.

About the Workshop Leader

Sarah Pain is Brighton-based textile artist and creative facilitator. Having studied fine art and psychology she has always been interested in how creativity can positively impact on wellbeing and finds experimental slow stitch a perfect medium for mindful creativity.

Combined with her love for the natural world she incorporates natural themes into stitch, and stitches outside where possible, enabling a positive connection to nature when she works. Her own practice incorporates slow stitch, embroidery, textile collage and weaving; all using reclaimed and second-hand materials to increase sustainability.

Accompanying the exhibition, Double Weave: Bourne and Allen’s Modernist Textiles. 

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