Pay for a Day

Even when we are not open, it costs £106 a day to run our incredible building. That’s without repairs or any staffing. This unavoidable expenditure is essential to protect our important Accredited collection, 365 days a year.

This money is usually raised by entrance fees and income from our shop and cafe, but now, nearly a year on from the day we first closed our doors we are navigating another lockdown, unable to open the museum and losing money everyday.

We are asking our supporters and visitors to help us again, one day at a time. £106 covers a day of our overhead costs – from maintaining the ambient temperature required to preserve our collection to clearing out the gutters to avoid leaks. We know it’s not the most exciting stuff, but these are the essential, behind-the-scenes costs of running a museum.

Your gift of just £106 will help us cover a day protecting our museum and Accredited collection. If you’d like, you can pick a certain day of the year that means something to you, perhaps a loved one’s birthday or anniversary? We can help mark the day by sending your loved one a card on their special day acknowledging the gift to the museum.

If you would like to discuss your donation or would prefer to pay by cheque, please contact Director Steph Fuller on

Thanks to Molly Fuller-Abbott for the Pay for a Day image.