Creative Lettering Project 2017

school-lettering2During the summer term, pupils at Ditchling (St Margaret’s) Primary School have been busy working on a lettering project with an artist commissioned by Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft. The playful, bright wooden signpost proudly positioned outside the school entrance and the accompanying signs dotted around the school were created by every pupil in a project with museum artist Lauren Baxter.

The project celebrates and combines the tradition of signage around Ditchling and the sans-serif typeface (Johnston Sans) designed by Edward Johnston for the London underground in 1916 when he lived in Ditchling. The signs display the school’s Christian values (reverence, forgiveness, compassion, trust, thankfulness, koinonia and perseverance) and its vision statement Learning Together – Building Success. Throughout a series of workshops the pupils explored typography and design in drawing, painting and 3D processes.

This project was made possible by a kind and generous donation from Mike and Pam Burr.

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