Designosaur is a Brighton based jewellery and accessories brand that create pieces that appeal to the excitable, dinosaur loving child in all of us. Designosaur’s signature pieces are laser cut renditions of dinosaur silhouettes and skeletons, and these have proved massively popular with Brighton’s discerning followers of fashion.

Headed up by designers Jacques Keogh and Karli Dendy, the company has been trading since February 2012 and has grown significantly since then. Designosaur pieces can be found in the Natural History Museum London as well as a number of boutique shops. The pair of plucky young designers are constantly on the look out for new inspiration to add to their all ready brimming catalogue of influences which includes; Pop Art, natural history and, of course, dinosaurs.

To mark the acquisition of a new David Jones woodblock of the Hound of St Dominic, we asked the lovely people at Designosaur to create some wonderful lasercut pins, inspired by a wood engraving by Eric Gill which became the symbol for the St. Dominic’s Press.