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Shibori and Hishaki-nui with Romor Designs 

with Romor Designs 

Sat 2 September 2023
10:00 am
- 4:30 pm

The Workshop

Back by popular demand, Romor Designs returns to Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft for a day long workshop on Shibori and Hishaki-nui!

In the morning, participants will learn basic shibori stitching and binding techniques before dyeing their work in the indigo vat, mastering the following stitching and binding skills:

  • The basic kamosage knot used to secure all bound work
  • How to make the kumo (spiderweb), bai (seashell), and ne maki (wrapped beads) patterns using binding
  • The three basic stitches – nui (running stitch), ori nui (teeth) and maki nui (twist stitch)
  • How to make larger patterns using variations of these binding methods
  • Other patterns such as Karamatsu (larch) and Mokume (woodgrain) will be presented if time permits
  • How to dye fabrics in a genuine indigo vat
  • Instructions on how to create and maintain your own indigo vat at home will be provided.

In the afternoon session, participants will learn Hishaki-nui and Miru shibori stitching techniques. These Shibori techniques are all stitched on the fold. Hishaki-nui techniques make symmetrical patterns and Miru shibori patterns comprise several parallel rows of stitching to create a woodgrain effect.

During the afternoon, participants will master the following stitching skills, before going ont to dye their work using indigo dye:

– How to make the Shibori starting and ending knots to create tight, crisp patterns
– How to sew different types of Shibori stitches on the fold – ori nui (teeth stitch) and maki nui (wrapped stitch)
– How to combine straight stitch and circle patterns
– How to sew the traditional Karamatsu (larch) pattern and how it can be applied to other shapes such as hexagons and hearts
– How to create motifs on the fold by combining the different shibori stitches
– How to make larger patterns using variations of these patterns

This day-long workshop is suitable for complete beginners. Participants are welcome to bring along a garment to dye.

The Artist

London-based Romor Designs was formed in the autumn of 2015 by Rob Jones, a Shibori textiles designer and natural dyer. Having discovered shibori, the ancient Japanese art of resist dyeing, at West Dean college, Rob went on to study in Japan under indigo guru, Bryan Whitehead

In 2018, Rob returned to Japan to expand his Japanese textiles skills, visiting Ise, the home of Katagami stencilling and buying supplies to set up his own teaching practice back in the UK. He also visited the Sashiko museum in Hinohara and brought back sashiko thread and vintage textiles and is now teaching Sashiko and Boro classes as well.

Rob’s passion is in finding the new in the old, building on the tradition and centuries of skill that shibori has behind it. He believes in taking work in new directions by combining techniques and inventing his own forms.

Signs of the Seaside runs from 29 April – 3 September 2023 

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