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Introduction to Type Design (online)

with Viktoriya Grabowska

Mon 13 September - Mon 27 September


Mondays: 13, 20, 27 September


In 2016 Viktoriya was British Council artist in resident at the museum as part of the Village of Type season. We’re excited to be working with her again on this short series of online workshops that Viktoriya has designed especially for the museum.

Participants will be invited to design their own typefaces with limited characterset. While encouraging experiment and fun, this workshop will introduce part of the processes involved in the designing a typeface.

– How to start a typeface?

– How to find its voice and tone?

– How to design your tools so they would be a good help in shaping your typeface?

– How to think of letterforms as a system?

– What are the relations between characters?  How to build a rhythm of letterforms? All of that with (hopefully!) some fun and joy.

Type design is seen as a serious discipline and might be intimidating, but this workshop aims to breakdown that reputation.

Please note, participants will need to source their own materials and Mac with installed 30 days demo Glyphs app. (Please install right before the workshop, so the demo is working during all our meetings). Participant will be asked to work on their typefaces between the workshop sessions.

https://glyphsapp.com/ This only works on a Mac. (see materials list below)

Course breakdown:

Session 1: Inventing the letterforms

– introduction of the workshop theme

– picking tools and working methods

– sketching letterforms and choosing the concept for further realisation

– Things to do at home before next session: to design more letters at home

Session 2: Transition to a typeface

– Feedback on homework

– short intro to Glyphs

– transferring letterforms to Glyphs and further work

– Things to do at home before next session: continuing work on your typeface in Glyphs

Session 3: Finalizing the work and making font specimens

– Feedback on homework

– last edits on the fonts

– making specimens

Materials required:

Scanner or a phone with a digital camera
Glyphs demo
Cutting mat or cardboard

Viktoriya Grabowska is typeface designer dedicating herself to the projects in the field of design, education and research, with 10 years of teaching experience. She creates, co-creates and consults typefaces. She specializes in multilingual design with a focus on the Cyrillic and Latin scripts. Since 2017 she is a member of New York based Darden Studio. In 2016 Viktoriya was a designer at residence at Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft. Since 2015 she has been a regular collaborator of swiss type foundry Lineto. Since 2010 she teaches at Type Design Studio at the University of Arts in Poznań together with Professor Krzysztof Kochnowicz, while also teaching at School of Form and participating in other educational projects.  In 2020 her typeface Birra Saison has won a Certificate of Typographic Excellence by Type Directors Club. Among Viktoriya’s collaborators are studios and foundries from various countries — Cornel Windlin Studio, Christian Mengelt / Team77, NORM, Aurèle Sack Studio, Rosetta, Sorkin Type, Nova Type.

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