LGBTIQ+ History Club at DMAC

This summer, we teamed up with Queer in Brighton to host a special event exploring the lives of the museum’s co-founder, Hilary Bourne (1909-2004) and her partner, Barbara Allen (1903-1972).


Hilary and Barbara lived together for nearly 40 years. They ran the highly successful textile studio Bourne & Allen, which produced textiles for the costumes for Ben Hur, the curtains for the Royal Festival Hall and the cushion covers for the UK’s first jet planes. 13 years after Barbara’s tragic death, Hilary co-founded Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft and cemented their shared herstory into the archive.

This special event was part of Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft’s Arts Council funded project Different Stories. Find out more about the project here. Video and photos by Kaleido Shoots.