Students Take Inspiration from DMAC exhibition

Woven Textiles and Knitwear students from the University of Brighton looked to Dame Vera Lynn: An Extraordinary Life for their latest project. The students studied colours and textures in the exhibition to find inspiration for their samples.

Many thanks to Sarah Elwick, Senior Lecturer in Business Studies for Fashion & Textiles for her help with this project.

Setting Suns

By Scarlett Farrer (woven textiles student)

Materials:  Warp – Lamb’s wool. Weft – Lamb’s wool, cotton, linen.

‘The Dame Vera Lynn exhibition inspired my work for this project, the inspiration mainly came from the posters. The posters that stood out to me most were the ones with blues in them, I noticed them more than any of the others. So, to broaden my colour palette, I decided to look at sunsets and the skies colours and incorporate those as well.’

Beauty in the Process

By Ann-Marie Reed (woven textiles student)

Materials: Lambs wool and cotton

‘This is my 6 piece collection inspired by the Dame Vera Lynn exhibition. For this project I was inspired by the vibrant colours from the dresses and posters as well as drawing my own inspiration from block and striped pattern buildings resulting in check and striped patterns in my fabric.’

Studying Beautifulness, Landscapes and Nature

By Aoife Brown (knitwear student)

Materials used: Lambs wool, acrylic yarn, merino, cotton

‘For this project I took inspiration from some of the colours used in the Vera Lynn exhibition at Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft and looked further into natural landscapes, textures and form.’

Hand Knitting Based On Natural Forms

By Holly Cox (knitwear student)

Materials: Hand dyed yarns, sewing (needle and thread)

‘My samples are inspired by some paintings I saw whilst at Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft, mainly the onion piece. I used a variety of hand knitting techniques and naturally dyed yarns, some using onion skins to create these natural floral-like samples.’

Divine Landscapes

By Emily Woods (knitwear student)

Materials: Sheep’s wool, tape yarn, Merino Wool, Acrylic Yarn.

‘I have created a collection of samples inspired by Dame Vera Lynn’s landscape paintings and my own photos of UK landscapes, using a range of different yarns to create texture and depth, focusing on the beauty and variety of colours in nature.’

Beauty in the Process

By Lilith Voce (woven textiles student)

Materials: Wool warp, the pink in my warp was dyed naturally with raspberries. The yarns I have used are a variety of wool, cotton, and baby alpaca.

‘In this project, I focused on the garments shown in the Dame Vera Lynn exhibition, as well as the oil paintings of flowers. I focused on using dusty pink and cream, with hints of light blue, orange and black. I have then explored a variety of different techniques and patterns while using double cloth.’