Hilary Bourne

Hilary Bourne was born in India. She enjoyed a rural childhood at Dumbrell’s preparatory school in Ditchling.

Frank Brangwyn

Guillaume Francois Brangwyn – known as Frank – was born in Bruges. His father, William, was a talented designer and artist.

Desmond Chute

Desmond Chute was born in Bristol. His widowed Roman Catholic mother sent him to Downside School.

Joseph Cribb

Joseph Cribb was born and grew up in Hammersmith. His father counted William Morris and Emery Walker as his associates ...

Eric Gill

Eric Gill was born in Brighton and grew up in Chichester. In 1900 he began his career as a draughtsman in an architect’s office ...

Philip Hagreen

Philip Hagreen was born in Berkshire. He studied painting in Cornwall under Norman Garstin and Laura and Harold Knight.

Edgar Holloway

As a child Edgar Holloway attended art classes at a college near his home in Doncaster.

Edward Johnston

Edward Johnston was born in Uruguay, the son of Scottish settlers. In his late twenties he gave up medical studies in Edinburgh...

David Jones

David Jones was born in Brockley, Kent. His father, originally from Flintshire, Wales ...

Valentine KilBride

Valentine KilBride was born in Bradford and began work in his family’s industrial dyeworks.

Ethel Mairet

Ethel Mairet was born in Devon. Marriage to Ananda Coomaraswamy took her to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) ...

George Maxwell

George Maxwell came to Ditchling in 1922. He was described by many as a serious and thoughtful man ...

Hilary Pepler

Harry Douglas Pepler was born in Sussex. He changed his name to Hilary on his conversion to Roman Catholicism ...

Dunstan Pruden

Alfred Charles Pruden was brought up in Hammersmith. He took the name Dunstan on his conversion to Roman Catholicism.